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Bamboo Flooring: Glue fixed vs floating floor »

Bamboo flooring has exceeded all industry expectations of market share, and it is considered that the popularity of this product is due to a combination of factors including the ‘green image’, durability and of course fashion trends. The rise in popularity of bamboo flooring also forced learning’s on the physical differences between bamboo and traditional timber flooring, which Continue Reading

Solid timber installation explained: Direct stick »

Installation of each and every solid timber floor is unique and dependent upon several factors including (but not limited to) the type and location of dwelling, substrate characteristics, ambient atmospheric conditions, choice of timber, type of coating, whether stairs are included and your choice of skirting/trim. There are two distinct trades involved in the installation Continue Reading

Coatings: What are the options and what should I choose? »

Selecting a timber floor coating that is right for you will depend on a number of factors including anticipated traffic, maintenance expectations, aesthetic considerations, budget constraints and your environmental stance. Across the country there are a countless number of coatings available for internal use which can be split into three main groups; Solvent Based Coatings, Continue Reading