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Blackbutt Flooring

What is Blackbutt Flooring?

Blackbutt flooring is one of the most reliable and popular floorboard types available on the market today. With its impressive qualities and widespread availability, you can find it in just about any kind of property. As a flooring material, blackbutt has several distinct advantages that make it an excellent choice.

Many homeowners love blackbutt because of its attractiveness and consistency. This hardwood has a very straight grain with an even texture, and its colouring can range from honey to a light brown. When you install blackbutt floorboards in Perth, you get a diverse range of design choices that can make your property look spectacular and welcoming.

Durability and long-term appeal are also two of its key points. The hardwood is resilient against borers and other pests, it is an often-used timber species in bushfire prone areas. It is hard enough to endure heavy traffic and weight easily, but remaining very comfortable to walk on.

By choosing this hardwood for your floor, you get excellent value for money and help preserve other, less-available hardwood species.

Because of its strength and versatility, blackbutt is currently one of the most used wood species in Australia. Whether in structural, interior, or exterior applications, this hardwood does not disappoint.  If you need quality blackbutt flooring in Perth, you can count on us to deliver. Planet Timbers has one of the best selections of hardwood floorboards in the industry.

Why Should You Choose Blackbutt Flooring?

Property owners who choose to install blackbutt can look forward to having a truly first class floor. Many have used it to give their homes a greater degree of style, while also being superbly practical. In both function and appearance, our floorboards will meet a homeowner’s every expectation.

Its exceptional warmth and adaptability make blackbutt a wonderful hardwood species for interior applications, giving properties much personality. The natural beauty of this hardwood makes it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and nearly every other area of the home. Blackbutt floorboards can even be used for outdoor decking because of its considerable durability.

As professional timber flooring contractors, we will install, sand, and finish your blackbutt flooring with speed and expertise. Our skill ensures that there are no delays or errors throughout the entire process, which means less for you to worry about. We can also advise you on the various grades and colours available, helping you choose the perfect one to complement your home’s interior.

From average homes to government buildings, blackbutt hardwood is the timber of choice for many structures. Get the floor of your dreams today with just one phone call. Planet Timbers is a leading installer of blackbutt flooring in Perth, so you can simply leave the job to the professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.