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Marri Flooring

The Beauty of Marri Flooring

Embarking on more exotic and fashionable choices is one of the top trends today when it comes to flooring. Although classic solid timber flooring is timeless, more exciting wood choices have grown in popularity among homeowners and are transforming boring and plain-looking houses into amazing and stylish properties.

Marri flooring is one of the most stunning choices out there. If you don’t want something that’s too flashy but still want a great display of colours, Marri is for you. It is a light timber that displays a beautiful range of cream, light brown, fawn and pale gold colours.

With its naturally beautiful range of colours and features, Marri flooring suits both classic and contemporary palettes and interior design schemes. Whether you have a property with modern aesthetics or a house with traditional design, our Marri floor will blend right in.

Workability and Durability

Other than the aesthetic pleasure from Marri flooring, there’s also its workability and durability. Marri is relatively easy to work with sharp tools, which makes it a favourable material for contractors and builders to work with.

It is similar in strength to Jarrah, as it is also found among the Jarrah and Karri forests. It is also a very popular construction timber. When it comes to durability, Marri is hardwearing and is capable of maintaining its natural beauty for many years.

Why Choose Planet Timbers

A beautifully installed Marri flooring can be your home’s most stunning feature if you let us handle it. Our company offers a fully inclusive supply and install service on all solid timber flooring, laminate, decking and parquetry jobs.

Planet Timbers supplies the region’s largest range of flooring products, from the classic solid timber to the stylish Marri. All of our timber is sourced from top Australian manufacturers and we stock all our flooring products in a variety of board widths and grades to meet all requirements.

If you’re not sure which flooring fits your home best, we can also help you find the right type of flooring and coating for you. Let us transform your house into the stunning property that it is. Call us today for five-star service on all flooring installation jobs.