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Cork Flooring

What is Cork Flooring?

With its excellent sound dampening qualities and insulation, cork is one of the most effective flooring products on the market. Traditionally used in places like churches and libraries, it is now rapidly becoming more popular in residential and commercial properties.

The cork flooring in Perth homes is naturally cushioned and flexible compared to other materials, which makes it exceptionally comfortable to walk on. This same characteristic is also what gives cork its resilience. Because it “springs back”, there are no imprints from heavy foot traffic, furniture, or other impacts.

The unique structure of cork flooring provides it with powerful sound control properties. This helps it absorb footfalls and other noise, which is tremendously helpful if the homeowner desires a peaceful ambience. In addition, the air cells trap heat and keep the floor warm, while giving it a degree of fire resistance.

It is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly, as cork is obtained by peeling away the bark without destroying the tree. This bark is harvested by hand, usually every nine years for maximum quality. Homeowners that are building a greener home will find that cork fits their values perfectly.

Even with these attractive qualities, cork is still very affordable, and is often within the same price range as hardwood. Planet Timbers is one of the leading providers of cork flooring in Perth, so you can count on us to deliver a quality product at a competitive rate.

Why Should You Choose Our Cork Flooring?

Considering how many flooring options there are, you may be wondering if cork flooring is the right choice for your property. If you are looking for a comfortable floor that helps reduce noise in the home, while still looking great and lasting for decades, cork is always a superb option. The only application it is not suited for is in bathrooms and other wet areas, as it absorbs moisture easily.

Our range of cork flooring in Perth comes in many different styles and colours, giving you plenty of choices to liven up your home. Because of this, the cork floors we provide can match and complement the existing design of any property.

Installation is relatively simple, as cork can even go on top of many existing surfaces. The Planet Timbers installation team has years of experience in installing cork floors, so you can be confident that they will do a precise job. Should your style preferences change in the future, cork flooring can be easily removed and replaced.

As with all our flooring products, we use only the best cork materials for your floor. We source ours from reliable suppliers, and make sure that everything meets our uncompromising quality standards. When you want a floor that is proven to last, our solutions will not disappoint.

Your satisfaction is always our first priority. When you need high quality cork flooring in Perth, Planet Timbers is the company to trust. Give us a call today and ask about our products, or visit our showroom to see the samples for yourself.